Mon Mothma (Episode VI)

Note: For face characters, all costumers should strive for a close resemblance to the character's hair shape and color, facial hair or lack thereof, as well as any body decorations the character may have, such as tattoos and piercings. For hair color, unless exact color is required by the standard, all natural hair colors are accepted.

If the character does not have tattoos, piercings etc. then the costumer should cover up/remove any tattoos, piercings etc. they may have when wearing the costume.


Mon Mothma a native of Chandrila, was a female Human who served as an important political figure from the waning days of the Galactic Republic, one of the founders of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and the first Chief of State of the New Republic.

Source: Wookieepedia


1. Ivory or cream colored tunic made from a soft, natural fabric, with a jewel-neck collar and wide, loose fitting sleeves.

The tunic must have side seams, and the sleeves must be closed with an underarm seam. Ponchos or other open sided garments are not acceptable.

The length of the tunic must be at or just below the knee. The fabric should be heavy enough, or be lined, so that the under dress does not show through. Sleeves should be knuckle length before being pulled up to just above the wrist with a large sleeve fold that is tacked down.

2. Deep brown under dress, made from a soft, natural fabric such as jersey, with a full gathered skirt. The sleeves must be tight fitting and gathered at the wrists. A skirt and shirt is also acceptable.
3. A necklace consisting of two dull gray twisted cords, with a round, silver pendant, detailed as it appears in the movie, suspended from two smaller, twisted cords in the center. The necklace should be attached at each shoulder and end with the gray cord wrapped around a small, domed object, such as a button, with single strand of the large gray cord around the back of the collar.
4. Flat or low heeled (1″ or less) brown shoes or boots. No visible laces, buckles, or zippers, no spike heels.
5. Appropriately-styled hair shorn above the collar; naturally-occurring hair colors only.




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PLEASE NOTE: The costume standards are a guide, yet are not an all inclusive outline of required elements. The judges will be looking for quality of workmanship, accurate execution and use of materials in addition to these general standards check lists. If you have a question about fabrics, colors, and parts choices for your build please contact the LCJs for your category about parts/materials you are considering before you start your build. (LCJ listing here)



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