Khaleen Hentz

Note: For face characters, all costumers should strive for a close resemblance to the character's hair shape and color, facial hair or lack thereof, as well as any body decorations the character may have, such as tattoos and piercings. For hair color, unless exact color is required by the standard, all natural hair colors are accepted.

If the character does not have tattoos, piercings etc. then the costumer should cover up/remove any tattoos, piercings etc. they may have when wearing the costume.

Khaleen Hentz was a Human female who was once a Separatist agent sent by Count Dooku to spy on Quinlan Vos as a mole in his spy network until she later turned to the Galactic Republic and became the wife of Vos and the mother of his child.

(Source Wookieepedia)



  1. Top in style of comfortable bra with wide shoulder straps of elastic fabric purple or burgundy colored.
  2. Low hip shorts made from the same material as bra in the same color
  3. Arm covers made of black net fabric and held in place by two wide silver stripes on both ends
  4. Black tights with pattern of big eyed net, created of wider stripes.
  5. Knee high boots of purple or burgundy color
  6. Long purple hair, face is framed with two strands of hair and the rest of hair is secured to fall to the back
  7. There is a “tattoo“under left eye in the shape of two tiny triangles, there is also a tattoo on the belly circling naval consisting of four diamonds, four darts and dots


  1. Green eyes or contact lenses
  2.  Purple eye shades and purple lipstick
  3. WESTAR-34 blaster pistol

Standard by Andrea Ulagová and Anna Sirkovská

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