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Jyn Erso was a human female soldier and former criminal who fought for the Alliance to Restore the Republic as a sergeant during the Galactic Civil War. She was recruited by Mon Mothma, a leader of the Rebel Alliance, to take part in what became the theft of the Death Star plans.

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** This standard is subject to updates in the near future. **
1. Shirt:

Dark slate or bluish grey with inset yoke collar and 3/4 length sleeves. The collar is high in back and flaps open, with the “top” flap being the left side flap (point of flap on the right). The inset shape is squared at the center front. Fabric appears to be linen-like.

2. Pants:

Black stretch cotton/denim with a wide waistband with tab, and 4 seams: down the center front and back of the leg, as well as the usual inseam and outer leg seam. Just below the knee is a tab detail with grey/white strap, a military style slide buckle and two tan printed rectangles; below that there is a series of 8 pin tucks on the outside front quarter of the leg that narrow at the ankle. Pants reach just to the tops of the boots.

3. Vest:

Medium brown color with quilted back and two front pockets. Strap detail with hook on right side. Strap detail without hook on left side and inside of vest. Flap on left side partially covering left strap detail. Short stand up collar at back of neck. Hem does not reach to waist and has a “card device” on the left side. Arm holes are very fitted. Lining is red.

4. Boots:

Plain dark brown combat boots with two flaps covering the laces. Top flap is held closed with hidden fasteners; bottom flap is cut out on the outside corners and has a latch buckle similar to a ski boot buckle. The buckle’s bail (wire piece) is attached with a loop of leather sewn into the flap. (original boots are likely brown Frye ‘Veronica combat’ boots).

5. Gloves:

Tan fingerless gloves similar to the Black Diamond ‘Stone’ gloves, with the strap altered to remove the logo and replace the velcro with a snap. Both gloves have a circular detail added to the back of the hand; the left is stitching only, the right has the circle cut out and replaced by two differently toned half circles of darker leather. Gloves have been weathered darker than the original tan.

6. Belt:

Weathered black/brown leather with 4 rivets/snaps at left front and left back. Belt opens at left hip [actual fastening TBD but appears to be hidden and square]. Belt has holster with leg strap at the right hip that closes with snaps. There are 3 stud/post portion of the snaps and a single cap/socket. The leg strap also has a keeper loop. The holster has a retention strap for the blaster.

7. Hair:

Longish bangs parted in the middle with layers framing the face, approximately chin length. Back of hair is gathered into a small bun at the nape of the neck.

8. Blaster:

BlasTech A-180 blaster (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story version), unless local laws prohibit or strongly discourage carrying anything that looks like a firearm.

9. Weathering:

All items are weathered.

Optional items / Jedha version

1. Jacket – dark gray/green heavy cotton with tan/cream/yellow printed bar detail on the sleeves (ideally with a raised ink). Jacket is visible below the bottom of the vest but does not reach past top of hips. Sleeves reach just to the wrist and do not cover the gloves. There is a mandarin collar.

2. Vest pocket tools – two silver cylindrical items with clips. One is larger and more detailed than the other.

3. Scarf – long dark grey/black scarf, appears to have two corners rounded off. Scarf is long enough that both ends reach approximately to the knees when worn looped once around the neck. Fabric is somewhat stiff, not too drapey.

4. Kyber crystal necklace – a clear crystal on a leather cord.

5. Tonfa baton- Black and silver extendable baton/truncheon with tonfa handle, unless prohibited by local laws (Note, this is an item where a prop version is not significantly different from the real thing, which may require a weapons permit; please check local laws)

6. Socks – In some pictures, it looks like the socks are military surplus green; at any rate they are long enough to not show skin above the boots.


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