Handmaiden (Funeral Gown)

Note: For face characters, all costumers should strive for a close resemblance to the character's hair shape and color, facial hair or lack thereof, as well as any body decorations the character may have, such as tattoos and piercings. For hair color, unless exact color is required by the standard, all natural hair colors are accepted.

If the character does not have tattoos, piercings etc. then the costumer should cover up/remove any tattoos, piercings etc. they may have when wearing the costume.


Handmaidens were personal aides to royal personalities of the galaxy.

Perhaps the most notable of handmaidens were the handmaidens of the Monarch of Naboo. An unidentified Queen, who reigned long before the Invasion of Naboo, began the custom for Naboo monarchs to have an entourage of handmaidens to ensure their safety.During the reign of Queen Amidala, the handmaidens bore a striking resemblance to their mistress. They were highly trained in order to act as bodyguards, decoys and confidantes to the Queen,roles devised by Captain Panaka. Queens Jamillia and Kylantha were also known to employ handmaidens.

Source: Wookiepedia




  1. Floor length pleated under gown with a wrapped inner hood of tie-dyed velvet in colors of green, red and amber. No panne velvet.
  2. Dark green velvet cloak with a large, draping hood, lined in green silken fabric. No panne velvet.
  3. Dark green wide velvet tabard etch or ironed on inverted Naboo symbols, stretching to a point at knee length. No panne velvet.
  4. Hair should be pulled back and hidden under the hood. No bangs. Naturally-occurring hair colors only.
  5. Low-heeled coordinating tailored pumps or flats.


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