Why don’t you allow minors to join the Legion?

Because minors are not legally responsible for themselves, any minor members of the Rebel Legion would become the legal responsibility of the club and its officers at any events where their parents are not present.
In 2002, several lawyers were consulted on this matter and we were advised to bar members due to the fact that neither we nor our sister group, the 501st, have the liability insurance, financial resources, or legal standing to help our club officers and members defend themselves in a lawsuit. Should we lose, any officers or members named as defendants could lose their personal savings, retirement, cars, or even their homes, and find themselves thousands or even millions of dollars in debt. Even if we were the victor in such a lawsuit, the costs involved in defending ourselves would financially devastate all involved.
Since this is just a fun hobby, this is not a risk that our members or officers are willing to take.

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