What about a permission slip or a waiver form?

The lawyers that the 501st consulted explained that liability simply cannot be waived by a parent or anyone else. A minor cannot sign anything and be liable for themselves, either. Your parents or guardians would not be legally obliged to honor any promissory note they may have signed. If you were injured at an event, you’re medical insurance would attempt to recoup their expenses by suing us, regardless of your parents’ decision.
Permission slips do not actually protect schools or anyone else from being sued by parents. They inform the parent/guardian of the nature of the off-campus activity and ask the parent to allow their child to participate. This can assist the school in their defense in the event of a lawsuit, but does not prevent them from being sued in the first place, nor does it prevent them from losing. Schools have lost lawsuits even when the parent signed a permission slip.

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