Forum Rules

What is a troll?

A Troll is an internet term used to describe a person who deliberately causes trouble in a newsgroup, forum, mailing list or other online community. Examples of trolling behavior include:

  • Posts that are complaining about or advertising something that is in no way related to the Rebel Legion, Star Wars, or costuming.
  • Any “You guys suck” “get a life” “Star Wars isn’t real you geeks” etc. type messages.
  • Starting topics that are guaranteed to turn into a flame war, i.e. Mac vs PC, Religion A vs. Religion B, Scotland vs. England, etc.
  • Posting lots and lots of threads with no point other than to clutter the boards.
  • Picking fights and saying mean things about or to people without reason.

  • I found an eBay auction for a prop or costume. Should I post it here?

    Do not post eBay auctions unless:

    • You are the seller or you have the permission of the seller
    • You are a bidder on that auction. Imagine how you would feel if you lost out on a major bargain because of someone who wasn’t even bidding on the item.
    • You suspect that the auction is scam or is ridiculous (e.g. real working lightsabres, Tatooine sand, etc.)

  • How do I tell if a given prop dealer is unlicensed or not?

    There are only a handful of companies licensed by Lucasfilm to produce costume and prop replicas. They are:

    Additionally, there are several companies who are no longer licensed to produce Star Wars products or are no longer in business.

    • Don Post Studios (masks and helmets)
    • Master Replicas (props, helmets, studio-scale miniatures)
    • Icons (props)
    • Illusive Concepts

    Other companies such as Sideshow Collectibles, Galoob, or Dark Horse Comics are licensed to produce other Star Wars products like toys or comic books. If you find a prop dealer and their name does not appear on the above list, then they are probably unlicensed.
    If you are still unsure, consult the Legion Membership Officer (LMO) via Email:enlistment@rebellegion.com.

  • What is the Legion policy on unlicensed prop and costume dealers?

    An unlicensed prop or costume dealer is someone who sells replicas of props or costumes without being authorized by the copyright holder to do so. Links to unlicensed prop dealers or instructions for contacting said prop dealers may not be posted in public forums.

  • What is the spoiler policy?

    A spoiler is information about the plot, characters, costumes, etc from a new film, book, comic, game, etc. Press releases and other official information released by the producers of a new film or television series is acceptable. Anything else besides this must include a spoiler warning written in the title of the forum topic. If you are replying to an existing thread, you should warn readers that your post contains a spoiler. Anything lacking a spoiler warning will have one added to it by the moderators.

  • What is flaming?

    Flame, flaming, and flamer are internet terms for malicious postings and communication on the internet. Flaming is not tolerated on the Legion website.

  • How should I treat fellow posters on the forum?

    Be respectful. If you disagree with someone on an issue, share your opinion a tactful manner. Don’t insult or resort to name calling.

  • Is swearing allowed?

    No. Swear words will automatically be censored from your posts. Attempting to cheat or trick this word filter by changing S $ or replacing certain characters with an * is equally unacceptable. The Rebel Legion is a family friendly, PG-rated group/website.