Depa Billaba


Depa Billaba was a female Chalactan Jedi Master serving the Jedi Order during the final years of the Republic Classic era. Trained by Master of the Order Mace Windu and appointed to the Jedi High Council, Billaba was considered one of the most enlightened Jedi of her time and had earned her seat on the High Council. Having mastered the difficult Vaapad lightsaber form created by Mace Windu, she became one of its few practitioners and one of only three masters of the form.

(Source Wookieepedia)


1. Dark Brown Robe with EXTRA Long Hood (should fall below the backside) and Swoop in the front (reaching down to just above the knees)
2. Marks of Illumination – Face Beads glued on bridge of nose and between eyebrows
3. 2 to 3 Looping Braids – Depends on which pic you see, but hair must be pulled back and loops from it
4. “Inner Tunic” – Low cut shirt, cut straight across chest
5. Boots

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