Cruz Del Sur Base

Serving Argentina

Commanding Officer (CO): Arie Tov (Christian Ariel Tovar)
Executive Officer (XO):  the.rebel.agent (Diego Arevalo)


Since 2005, the Rebel Legion has a presence in Argentina through Rebel member Joe Solo, who was followed by queen.amidala, the.rebel.agent and Tsai-Fer Koz a couple of years later. Since 2009, thanks to the arrival of “Star Wars – The Exhibition” (giving the Argentinian fandom a renewed impulse), and the making of the web forum “Star Fans Argentina”, the Rebel Legion added more members, concluding with the creation of Cruz del Sur Outpost, in April 2009 (after the probation year, it would reached the status of Base within a month). In 2013, the first detachment of the Argentinian Base was created: Templo Pucará (“Knights of the Jedi Order Pucará Temple”)
Today, there are 30 active members in the Argentinian territory, collaborating on the promotion of Star Wars and the supporting actions that the Rebel Legion encourages in all the countries where it has presence.





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