Charity Dinner sponsors

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The Rebel Legion is proud to announce the first Rebel Legion Charity Dinner at Celebration Anaheim on the 18th of April 2015. We are partnering with Variety International to raise money to help provide the best quality of life to disabled and underprivileged children around the world. All money raised during the dinner will go directly to Variety Children’s Charity to help provide medical equipment such as wheelchairs, leg braces, augmentative speech equipment, hearing aids and all types of prostheses.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous donations which will be used to raise money for Variety. Our great contributors are listed below.

Prop makers

  • Imperial Surplus
    • Kannan Armour kit
  • darthhair
    • 2 X-wing Helmets
    • Yavin medal
  • bikerchick
    • Kashyyyk / Neyo helmet
  • Baron Flux
    • Snow speeder Jacket
  • Mon Cal
    • Flightsuit (TBC)
  • Droid Welder
    • Xwing chest box
  • Imrageth
    • Animated clone shoes
  • Darman
    • X-wing/Han solo holster
  • Cyodarun
    • Wookie Bandolier or a Fett belt
  • Stitch
    • X-wing harness
    • Food capsules

Commercial Sponsors

  • Saberforge
    • Lightsaber
  • Clothears
    • T-shirts
  • more to be announced soon…