Wraith Base

Wraith2599_zpse518d6c8Serving Western Australia

Commanding Officer (CO): NassikDabak (Shawn Hisey)
Executive Officer (XO): TuskenJawa

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Tython Base

Serving Australia, The state of New South Wales (NSW) including the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Commanding Officer (CO): Shay Kenobi
Executive Officer (XO): Obickay

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Tatooine Base

Serving Australia

Commanding Officer (CO): Cyclops (Bruce Rennell)
Executive Officer (XO): Altair (John Kenyon)

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Ryloth Base

Ryloth Base

Serving South Australia

Commanding Officer (CO): Rheyn Aidath (Ryan E)
Executive Officer (XO): pred768 (Wade)

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Naboo Outpost

Serving New Zealand

Commanding Officer (CO): neimhaille ()
Executive Officer (XO): kiwisabine (Francesca Winiata)

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Hoth Base

Serving Victoria, Australia

Commanding Officer (CO): jedi_ric (rick chinn)
Executive Officer (XO): obi-mark-kanobi (Mark Dickson)

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