Ilum Base

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Causeway Base

Serving Northern Ireland 

Commanding Officer (CO): MasterAdaar (Matthew Murray)
Executive Officer (XO): CrashedAT-AT (Simon)

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Serving Colombia

Commanding Officer (CO): ricop777 (Pablo Rico)

Executive Officer (XO): Lucsa (Luigi Carlo Caterina)

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Ileenium Outpost

Serving Korea 

Commanding Officer (CO): :KoreaOCO:
Executive Officer (XO): :KoreaOXO:

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Kukulcan Outpost

Serving the Yucatan peninsula.

Commanding Officer (CO): :KukulanCO:
Executive Officer (XO): Hec thor kenobi (hector sarmiento)

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Falcon Base

Serving British Columbia (Canada).

Commanding Officer (CO): Man of Sheel (Nick Sheel)
Executive Officer (XO):BCPhoto94 (Brett Cullen)

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